Saturday, December 22, 2007

Christmas Clean

Well, it looks like we might just come home to a clean house for Christmas yet!! Leif is in the bedroom putting away laundry (thanks, honey!!) and I am cleaning up the kitchen. In fact, I just swept and mopped the floor! It's been a while. So right now I'm listening to the purr of the dishwasher and the hum of Roomba while I wipe down the table and put a new tablecloth on it.

Tomorrow we leave to go to Roundup, so when we come back Christmas Eve we will return to a clean home! Woohoo! If we play it right, we might even keep it that way until New Years!

Where, oh where...

... have my routines gone? It has been so long.

In fact, it's been so long that I found Ellie cleaning the toilet today. Now that's embarrassing!

(Actually, the toilets are quite clean - I've discovered the great world of Chlorox drop in tablets!! Yes, they sort of conflict with my green side, but the clean side is winning right now.)