Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Zone 1: Entrance / Dining Room / Kitchen

These are the things I would like to have done in these rooms each month:

  • Scrub Entry Tiles
  • Wipe Doors
  • Sweep Porch
  • Beat Front Mat
  • Check Seasonal Decorations (lights, wreaths, etc. - put out / put away)
Dining Room:
  • Dust / Clean window sills
  • Wipe Walls
  • Vacuum Baseboards
  • Sweep and Mop Floors
  • Wash Windows
  • Polish Dining Table
  • Finish Table with Cloth, Flowers, Centerpiece, etc.
My shiny sink for this room is the dining room table.
The hotspot is the floor by the garage door.

  • Empty Refrigerator / Clean Thoroughly
  • Clean Microwave Inside and Out
  • Clean Stove / Oven
  • Wash Canisters / Utensil Containers
  • Straighten Drawers / Cupboards
  • Wipe Walls / Door
  • Wash Windows
  • Wipe Cabinet Doors
  • Clean Under Sink
  • Deep Clean Sink
My shiny sink for this room is the kitchen sink.
The hotspot for this room is the counter.

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