Friday, July 31, 2009


I'm going to have to set some priorities for the Fall, so that I don't get overwhelmed. Right now, here is what I would really like to be a part of, either for just me or for Eliana, too.

- Friday Morning Bible Study
- Wednesday BSF
- Awana
- Ellie at a sitter one day a week (preferably in Belgrade)
- Mary Kay TNL
- Worship Team

These are the things that I really want to do. They are really important to me in one way or another and can provide a schedule to provide an external framework for my week to hang on. There are some things that I would like to be part of, too, though we'll see. They are...

- Kindermusik
- Women's  Bible Study
- Weekly playdate/CMB playgroup
- Ruby come over one or two afternoons
- Aerial Dance
- Friday Crops at Kristii's
- Craft Night
- Julieen playdate

This is why my plate gets so full. I have so much I want to do! BUT... I can't do everything, be everything, and have everything  all at once. I have to set limits. So...  first off.. the priorities.

I need to find out the details on Awana. Where, when, cost. I need to talk to Michelle about watching Ellie one day a week.

I think I'm going to say no to Kindermusik, Women's Bible Study, Julieen's Playdates and weekly platydates/CMB. Kristii's Crops will only work if I can have Ellie watched on Fridays. Ruby is going to have to fit into the schedule after everything else is figured out. Craft night will be once a month.

I'll keep pondering and see how things turn out. It will be nice to be not so busy this Fall. 

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Monday's To-Do

**DONE** 6:00 am - Meet with Shannon
**DONE** 7:15 am - Shower, get ready
**DONE** 9:00 am - Walmart (Target, actually)
(Decided against, found several pairs at home) * Panty hose
**DONE** * Snacks for the airplane and Seminar
**DONE**10:00 am - Post Office
**DONE** * Mail Flat Rate Box
**DONE** * Weigh and get postage for Julie and Jessica's packages
(She fell asleep and we skipped it) 10:30 am - Ellie at Soccer
(Got a late start on the other errands, so we didn't do this) 11:15 am - Hike with Eliana (in the stroller? Peet's hill? The M?)
(Ate at Target) 12:30 pm - Sack Lunch (or Bento)
**DONE** 2:45 pm - Ellie's 3 year check up
* Height: 3 foot 2 (70%)
* Weight: 33 lbs (52%)
* Approved Medical Consent Form? Yes
* Casein / Glutein Allergy Testing? Probably not useful at this point
**DONE** 4:00 pm - Notarize Medical Consent Form
6:00 pm - Set up for Amber's debut
6:30 pm - Amber's Debut

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Headin' South

Early Tuesday morning Eliana and I are heading to Texas. She's going to spend 4 days with my parents while I attend the Mary Kay Seminar, and then we're going to hang out in Longview for a bit before heading to Kansas for the family reunion.

Monday is busy, busy, busy, so I'm going to have to get a lot of things done tomorrow so that I'm ready for the trip. Here's what I have on my plate for tomorrow:

1. Pack my carry on and suitcase. (My suitcase is done)
2. Pack Eliana's carry on and suitcase. (Ellie's suitcase is done, carry on almost done)
3. **DONE** Pack the Flat Rate Box with MK for Anita's.
4. **DONE** Photocopy insurance card and staple to Medical Consent Form.
5. **DONE** Plan Monday's clothes and makeup
6. **DONE** Plan and pack makeup and jewelry for Seminar.
7. Put away Eliana's laundry.
8. **DONE** Pack panties for Ellie.
9. Put the carseat in the Prius.
10. Deliver orders to June and Dana. (June's is DONE, Dana's is scheduled for tomorrow)
11. **DONE** Put together Seminar File to take with.
12. **DONE** Email directions to Spa to Robert.
13. **DONE** Email itinerary for Seminar (Wednesday) to Dad.
14. **DONE** Mail Thank Yous for Ellie's birthday party.
15. Make necklace for Ellie's birthday in TX.
16. Finish laundry.
17. **DONE** Sweep and Vacuum kitchen / Living room

I'm sure there's more, but it's almost 1am and I'm falling asleep in the chair. Suffice it to say that I'm going to be busy. Lots to do. Lots to do.

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Planning Ellie's Birthday Party

I feel bad that I haven't gotten Ellie's birthday party invitations mailed and sent. Given that the party is Tuesday and it's Saturday today, I'm thinking they won't get made. Bummer! Guests have been invited, so that's not the issue, I just wanted to do it right! So, in an effort to do the rest of it right, I need to write out a plan for her party. =D

Oh wow! I just realized that we are going camping tomorrow and Monday, then her party is Tuesday. Ack! That means if I'm going to do some of these things, they must be done, um, NOW! Happy 4th of July!

Poo! We're out of eggs! That makes making cupcakes right now very difficult...

- Red Velvet Cupcakes in paper cupcake wrappers (which I already have).
- Hot Dogs and Buns (Count)
- Jello in silicone cupcake cups
- Baked Beans? (We have some in the cupboard)
- Lemonade? (or water)

- Favor Bags from Wenda
- Suckers
- Sugar Cookies

- Inflatable pool
- Hose down the slide
- Table for crafts
- Table for hot dogs/food
- Table for cupcakes
- Canopy for shade / table
- Kids eat lunch at the big table
- Sandbox
- Balloons

- Summer Wind Socks (Need: Streamers, construction paper, foam shapes?)

- New Color Wonder book? (She's more or less already gotten

- Sugar Cookies

- Frosting (2 cans) - yellow if possible
- Sprinkles for on top the cupcakes (Summer themed)
- Sugar Cookie Dough, premade
- Eggs
- Jello
- SAND for the sandbox!
- Color Wonder Book
- Ketchup
- Streamers
- Foam Shapes?
- Hot Dog Buns? (Count)

Friday, July 3, 2009

Community Supported Agriculture

So... we've been wanting to join a CSA for a couple years now and this year we've found one that seems like it will work for us. The others we've looked at are either full, $600, or make you come and work at the farm as part of your subscription. This year we joined a new CSA here in Bozeman. It's $240 for a half-share, which is enough vegetables and herbs for 2 adults, delivered weekly for 17 weeks. Our first delivery was yesterday, so I figured I'd keep a record of what is delivered each week to evaluate whether we'll do this again in the future. So far I'm happy. The delivery comes in a bag, like this:

CSA week 1

The bag was pretty full, though it was hard to get a picture of the produce.

CSA week 1

In this delivery we received...

* over 1 lb. carrots (sweet, delicious carrots that put Costco's carrots to shame!)
* 2.5 oz. green onions
* 1 oz. Basil, both green and purple
* 7 oz. Mixed salad greens
* 6 oz. Red chard

So far all we've tried are the carrots, which we happily munch on. =D I'm planning on using the chard and onions in stir fry, the salad greens for a large dinner salad, and the basil in some pastas. Any good recipe ideas for these items?