Sunday, April 26, 2009

Monday, Monday...

Tomorrow is Monday.

A new day.

A new week.

I don't have anything planned as far as places I need to be, and I'm thinking Monday and Friday always need to be stay at home days. So... Monday. I suppose if I want to maintain my routines, I should start by just doing them. That means tomorrow's routine is...
  1. Morning Routine
  2. Change Sheets / Towels
  3. Laundry - wash sheets and towels
  4. Weekly Home Blessing Hour (10 minutes each)
    1. Clean toilets / showers
    2. Dust living room, bedrooms, office, bathrooms (Ellie can help dust)
    3. Sweep kitchen, bathrooms, entryways (Ellie can "sweep" too)
    4. Mop kitchen, bathrooms, entryways
    5. Vacuum carpeted rooms
    6. Clean mirrors, windows, doors
  5. Musical Monday!
That should get my week off to a good start. If I have time for other things after that, I'll tackle other projects, but for right now I'll stick with trying to get through my Monday routine. Well, and unpacking from my trip the rest of the way and putting away laundry. That's my list!

Friday, April 24, 2009

I never thought I'd see the day

But I just emptied the last two bags of bread flour and wheat flour into the containers in the house. I'm also completely out of all purpose flour. I'm actually going to have to buy flour! We've had a store of flour in the freezer for so long I was beginning to think we would never run out. Guess we have!

Pizza Night

Ellie requested pizza for dinner tonight, so I guess that's what we're doing. Today is a stay at home day (which was planned anyway, but especially with all the snow and icy roads!) so we'll be making the pizza together. It should be fun! Maybe we'll make the crusts together during the day and bake them, then let everyone put their own toppings on for dinner. That sounds good!

Now I guess the question is... what do we have for toppings? I haven't done a survey of the pantry/fridge since I got home from TX, so...

* Spinach
* Feta
* Greek Olives
(Those sound like they'd  make a good pizza for Leif!)
* Frozen peppers
* Canadian Bacon
* Onions

I really wish we had some pineapple! But alas, the pantry has none. I guess it goes on the grocery list!

So maybe Ellie and I will have Canadian Bacon pizza and Leif can have a yummy Greek pizza. I'm not big on spinach on my pizza or I'd have it too. I will puree some spinach and "hide" it in the sauce, though! =D

Thursday, April 23, 2009

A well oiled machine...

I want my home to run like a well oiled machine.

So does my husband.

So how do I make it happen??? Why can't I maintain a schedule? Why can't I get set in my routines? What is my problem?

Tonight I am going to bed y 10:30. I'm actually in bed typing this right now. Not asleep, obviously, but in bed. The sink is shined. The dishwasher is full and set to run. I've washed my face and swish and swiped the bathroom. The kitchen table is cleared and wiped clean. Breakfast has been laid out for tomorrow. My clothes are set out for me to wear to Bible study at 6am. My alarm is set for 5am.

It didn't take much effort to get things set up for tomorrow and ready for bed. So why can't I maintain my routines?

Is it really as simple as just doing it? Just start by emptying the dishwasher and the rest will follow? I don't know. But something's got to give. 

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Hit the ground running

We got back from Texas after 11 last night, and I hit the ground running today. I ran the dishwasher, had Bible Study at 9:30, then brought Ellie home for lunch and tossed a load of laundry in before heading back over to the airport in Belgrade to pick up my luggage. Then Ellie took a long nap. I wish I could say I got more done while Ellie was sleeping, but I took the opportunity to package up a couple MK orders and catch up on a couple episodes of Bones. =D My plan was to have dinner at 6, and it's 6:05. Dinner is just about ready, Leif should be home in 5 minutes. We've got small group tonight and I have to drop off a MK delivery, but I'm hoping to get all that done and Ellie in bed by 8:30. If we can do that, we'll be doing good.