Sunday, February 26, 2012

Monday Routine

Events to schedule around.... 

Eliana has school from 8:30 to 3:30
I have Mary Kay from 6-9

Areas of Focus...


(6:15) Wake up (5 min)
(6:20) Read Bible (15 min)
(6:25) Check Email (5 min)
(6:30) Shoes on, ready to exercise (5 min)
(6:45) Exercise (45 min)
(7am) Wake Eliana up (5 min)
(7:05) Take a Shower (15 min)
(7:20) Get Dressed (5 min)
(7:25) Do Eliana's Hair (10 min)
(7:35) Get Eliana Breakfast (5 min)
(7:40) Do My Hair and Makeup (15 min)
(7:55) Help Eliana get out the door - Lunch, Shoes, etc. (5 min)
(8am) Take Eliana to School (15 min)
(8:15) Strip Beds and Wash Sheets (5 min)
(8:20) Drink Breakfast and Write notes to customers (10 min)
(8:30) Submit WAS (5 min)
(8:35) Enter Profile Cards and Sales Slips (20 min)
(8:55) Prepare for Appointments / Calls (5 min)
(9am) Appointments / Calls (2 Hours)
(11am) Lunch (30 minutes)
(11:30) Move Sheets to Dryer (5 min)
(11:35) Household Time - Pick Up Bedrooms (25 min)
(12pm) Office / Prep Time (1 hour)
(1pm) Appoinments / Calls (2 Hours)
(3pm) Make Beds (15 min)
(3:15) Prepare Eliana's Snack (10 min)
(3:25) Pick Eliana up from school (20 min)
(3:45) Unload Eliana's backpack (5 min)
(3:50) Review Eliana's spelling words with her (10 min)
(4pm) Empty / Load the dishwasher with Eliana (15 min)
(4:15) Quiet Time / Reading / Watching TV (45 min)
(5pm) Make Dinner (15 min)
(5:15) Dinner (30 min)
(5:45) Drive to Mary Kay
(6pm) Mary Kay (3 Hours)
(9pm) Drive Home (15 min)
(9:15) Unload MK Stuff and put away (15 min)
(9:30) Wash face and brush teeth (10 min)
(9:40) Lay out clothes for tomorrow (5 min)
(9:45) Change clothes and put in hamper (5 min)
(9:50) Read / Journal (10 min)
(10pm) Bedtime

Friday, February 10, 2012

Dinner Tonight...

We're having friends over for dinner tonight and I had a hard time figuring out what we were going to eat. Thankfully, I had a few options to choose from out of my freezer, so with a little prep and some finesse, here's what's for dinner...

Eggrolls (already made and frozen, just need to be heated through!)
Jasmine Rice (already made and frozen, just needs to be defrosted)
Coconut Lime Chicken (frozen chicken breast cooked in coconut milk and lime juice)
Green Curry (already made and frozen, just needs to be heated through!)
Asian Plum Sauce (already made and frozen, just needs to be heated through!)
Edamame (we keep this in the freezer, just needs to be steamed right before the meal!)

The best part is that ALL OF IT is homemade. That makes me so happy!

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Once again, I got sucked into the computer...

... while clipping coupons on a Sunday night. It really wasn't my aim to get sucked into the computer, but here I am. Sigh.

The couponing is still going. I have been learning things that have been making it go better...

1. The Billings paper has better coupons. The Bozeman paper is hit and miss.
2. I can get both papers at Albertsons, and check to see if they have coupons before I buy them.
3. Some places have good sales - like Albertsons. I just have to be willing to watch the sales and match my coupons to them.
4. Kmart frequently has double coupon days. You just have to be willing to read the fine print and follow the  (sometimes insane) rules for it to be worth it.
5. Albertsons occasionally does coupon sales where all coupons up to $1 are worth $1. That is an awesome day to shop!

I am making my lists. I am matching my coupons. I am not dreading the process, and it is not eating up all of my time. I feel like I am finding a happy balance in coupon land. Woot!