Thursday, July 31, 2008

Laundry Central

One of the things my mom suggested might help me in my constant struggle for laundry is a "laundry center." The theory is that if I deal with the laundry right when it comes out of the dryer I won't have wrinkly clothes that take days to put away.

So tonight I have been organizing and tidying the laundry area. I got Leif to move the rolls of insulation that were there so I have room to hang clothes as soon as they exit the dryer. I cleaned off the top of the washing machine (put the detergent, bleach, etc. along the back, but kept the front open) so I have a place to fold clothes. And I have the ironing board set up and cleared off (except the items that need to be ironed) so it's ready to use when I need it.

We'll see how "laundry central" goes, but so far so good on the one load I've done tonight. I've got another drying right now, one in the washer, and one waiting to go in, so that should give me a little practice with the new setup!! =D

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