Sunday, October 14, 2012


I spent 45 minutes in Albertsons today, though I (mostly) followed the list I had prepared. Here's some of what I got...

2 containers Dreyer's ice cream. Regularly $6.99. Bonus Buy for $1.99 each. =D
10 Smart Ones lunches. Regularly $3.89 each. I paid $1.30 each after a sale, quantity discount, and coupon.
4 Packs Hormel Turkey Pepperoni. Regularly $4.69 each. I paid $1.60 each after a sale and quantity discount.
2 packs of free gum thanks to  B1G1F coupons.
Halloween candy. I bought 6 bags, regularly 3.59-3.99 each. They were on sale for $2.50 each, and I had coupons. Ended up paying $10 total after sale and coupons. That's way better than the$20-$24 it would have been.
To get one of those Halloween Candy coupons,  I had to buy 2 Tombstone pizzas. They were on sale, but were still $5.79 each. It will be nice to have them in the freezer, though, when we need dinner in a pinch.

Total spent... $49.90. That's down from $104.50 when I originally rang up. Saved 56%!

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