Tuesday, September 2, 2008

This week's meals....

Monday (Day 5) - We had CROCK POT BROCCOLI CHEESE SOUP, made almost entirely of items that needed to be used now to keep from going bad. Hooray! It was quick, easy, and delicious. I'm freezing the leftovers for another meal, but it's a recipe I'll have to make again! Here is the recipe:

Broccoli Cheese Soup

12 slices of velveeta cheese
quart of half and half
16 ounce frozen bag of broccoli
2 cans of cream of celery soup

combine everything in crockpot and cook on med until desired thickness. And broccoli is soft.

**I added chopped onions and some shredded colby jack cheese and substituted whole milk for the half and half.

Tuesday (Day 1) - MK meeting tonight, so we need something quick and easy. SPAGHETTI

Wednesday (Day 2) - QUESADILLAS

Thursday (Day 3) - Children's Museum and errands today, so something easy for dinner. STIR FRY

Friday (Day 4) - Watching Zoe, so a crock pot meal would be good. CHILI

Saturday (Day 5) - Robert arrives!! CHICKEN CORDON BLEU?

Sunday (Day 1) - Robert here! PITA PIZZAS

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