Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Today my goal is laundry.

Today Ellie and I are staying home until this evening when I drop her off at Taylor's and head to New Consultant Training. SO... I'm taking advantage of the day at home and spending it in the basement! My goal is to finish cleaning the craft room and get all the laundry done. If I stay down in the basement I can actually hear the washing machine ding, which is a plus for getting clothes out without having them too wrinkly! So I have a load of Ellie's stuff in the wash right now and in 45 minutes I'll switch it over to dry and put our laundry in. I'm hoping to get our sheets washed today, too, if I can. Now... on to cleaning the craft room! Just as soon as I figure out what Ellie did to make the washing machine stop mid-cycle while it was on child lock!

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