Saturday, January 10, 2009

Christmas is OVER!

It's January 10th.

And I'm just NOW taking down the Christmas decorations.

How did this happen? Life has been pretty busy since the start of the year, but still... I usually have the Christmas decorations down and put away by January 1st! I leave up the winter decorations and put them away sometime in February. But not this year. No, THIS year it is ALL going away. TODAY!

Because Christmas is OVER and it's time to move on!


I need to put away the decorations in the following areas...

Front Bathroom (DONE)
Eliana's Room (DONE)
Leif's Office (DONE)
Living Room
Dining Room
Master Bedroom (DONE)
Guest Bathroom (DONE)
Family Room

That's what I need to do today.

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