Thursday, January 29, 2009

Dinner Last Night

was so good!!

The orange chicken from Costco is DELICIOUS, though you have to be careful not to make the whole bag (there are two bags inside), because that would be 6 servings, not two... =D I paid attention and split them ahead, but it means that I have an open sauce packet (inside a ziplock) in the freezer that I hope doesn't fall over and get all messy.

The Cashew Carrot Ginger soup from Costco is one of my attempts at getting a natural/organic soup to replace my glorious Progresso soup, which I learned has MSG in it. I was sort of scared of the soup, quite honestly, because I had some of their (Pacific) soup before and I didn't like it! I think that kind was a roasted red pepper tomato soup. It was too funky for my tastes, so I don't know why I thought the Cashew Carrot Ginger soup would be any less funky. Fortunately for me I didn't over think it in the store and I just tossed it into my cart. It's really good!! Both Leif and I liked it and I think having 1/2 cup with an Asian meal is perfect! Plus it comes in a box with a screw cap so I can just pour what I will eat, then recap it and save it for later. Fewer dishes to wash (because with a can I have to pour it into a second container to store it), which is great! And the box can be recycled, though that part is sort of a wash on the benefit side because we were already recycling the cans. Anyway - good soup. I'm glad we tried it!

All in all it was still a pretty salty meal, with something like 40-50% of our daily salt allowance. I'd love to be able to reduce our salt intake, and I actually think I did with this meal because I didn't add any sauce to the stir fry veggies like I normally do! So I did cut out the soy there and I know that helped with the salt. But really I think that Asian food is just saltier than most. So I suppose we should reduce salt all over and just know that some days we will splurge on the salt front and eat yummy Asian. =D It just won't be every day.

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