Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Getting Organized




It's sort of freeing.

We are looking at some furniture for our bedroom since the cheap-o dresser we have been using is now down to one functional drawer. Not exactly helpful. So... we're looking at REAL furniture. Oooh. Real wood. Stuff that would live in our bedroom and not in the closet. Oooooh. We've got a couple options, and I'm not sure exactly which route I want to go right now, but at least the discussion is in progress.

Aside from reorganizing the bedroom, Mom and I went through the kitchen cupboards and got rid of some stuff we never use, too. A couple boxes worth of stuff has been culled and it looks like I might have enough stuff for a garage sale, especially once I'm done going through the basement and the rest off the bedroom. Wow.

The craft room is on the docket, too. That's a big undertaking, but mom is helping me go through everything. So far I'm just organizing, but the purging will happen very soon! I am looking forward to having a place for everything and not being overwhelmed by all the stuff I just HAVE. If I don't love it or use it, it's time to lose it!

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