Monday, September 7, 2009


I spent the day canning apples today. ALL DAY. Tiny tart apples I got off freecycle. 75 lbs of them. And I only got through about half of them today! I was hoping to get through all of them, but it didn't happen. Here's what DID happen...

3 quarts Apple Jam
4 half-pints Cranapple Butter
7 pints Red Hot Apples
4 quarts Apples in Light Syrup (for making Apples Pie at Thanksgiving!)
2 pints Red Hot Cider Mix
3 quarts Apple Sauce

I tried 5 recipes from my new canning cookbook. I love it! Now to do the rest of the apples... (and I had already done a batch of apple butter and a batch of jam before this. Sheesh!)

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