Sunday, August 24, 2008

Put Away, Give Away, Throw Away!

When I was talking to Erika the other day, she mentioned that she saw these pop up sorting bins on flylady. According to the website, these were made for people who don't declutter using the "Put Away, Give Away, Throw Away" sorting method because they can't find 3 boxes or the bins they try to use aren't the right size, etc. I am SO that person!

Of course, I'm also too cheap to pay for shipping when I purchase something online (which is partly why I offer free shipping on my MK website!) so I headed to Walmart and found the same pop up bins in the laundry section for under $5 each. Of course, mine are the not-so-attractive blue and white, and all 3 of mine are the same color, but they are great for sorting! I set my timer today and sorted down in the craft room and actually made noticeable progress using the bins! And they fold up to pretty much nothing when you're done and want to store them!

So I'm going to have to try this more often... Put Away (the things that belong in other rooms - just carry the bin to the next room and put away anything in it that belongs in that room), Throw Away (a large trashbag fits perfectly inside the sorter to make emptying the trash that much easier! Just tie the bag and pull it out!), and Give Away (this would be my Freecycle pile). It's that simple!

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