Thursday, October 23, 2008

Free day....

If you had a day at home, free from your busy 2 year old, what would you do?

I just talked to my friend Beth and she said she wants to take Ellie for a playdate on Monday. She is going to come over and pick her up at 10 and then return her later that day, leaving me free to do... whatever!

What should I do with my day??!!

there are lots of things I have been wanting to do and not gotten around to, so I think I probably ought to do some of those things... So I suppose I will spend my Monday:

  • Setting up the guest room for my Mom's arrival on Wednesday!
  • Cleaning out the too-small clothes from Ellie's closet
  • Reorganizing the downstairs closet where all of Ellie's outgrown baby things are.
  • Setting up for Monday's holiday preview
And if I have time, perhaps I'll do a little crafting, but not until my Mary Kay desk and cupboard are organized again.

Not a fun list of things to do, but oh, so needed and it will be wonderful to get those things accomplished!!

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