Saturday, October 4, 2008

I need a new plan. Again.

Every time the seasons change I seem to need a new plan. The last few weeks have been busy as all of our Fall activities have started up and, unfortunately, the cleaning schedule that worked this summer is no longer working for me! So I need to come up with a new plan (or, rather, get back to the old Flylady plan, more likely) and use a little discipline to stick to it! Here's what I need to work around...

10-11a Kindermusik in Bozeman
7-9p Craft Night (twice a month)

10-12p Open for MK Parties as scheduled
2-4p Open for MK Parties as scheduled
7-9p MK Success Meeting in Bozeman

9:30-11a Bible Study in Belgrade
6-9p Scrapbooking Classes (every other week) in Bozeman

10-12p Playgroup in Bozeman

10-3p Zoe/Ellie Playdate (every other week I have the girls here - the off weeks I'm in Bzn)

Open for MK Parties when scheduled

10-12p Church

So... as you can see, there's not a really good day to call my "cleaning day". I realize that with Flylady you only spend an hour doing your weekly home blessing, and maybe I just need to get back to that. Maybe I need to get back in the habit of swishing and swiping, doing a load of laundry a day, running dishes at night and emptying them in the morning, and keeping on top of things. That's probably what I need to do. But it still takes some scheduling to make sure I get it done, especially on days I need to be in town in the morning.

To be in town at 10, I need to leave the house at 9:30, more or less. Assuming it takes me an hour to get ready, I need to be up at 8:30. Ellie usually gets me up around 7 or 7:30 anyway, so I really need to use that extra hour wisely. I should be able to use the following schedule, if I keep myself to it:

  • Wake Up / Take Temperature
  • Make Bed
  • Get Eliana changed / milk
  • Shower
  • Swish and Swipe Bathroom
  • New washcloth for tomorrow
  • Get Dressed (to the shoes!)
  • Open / Close Windows
  • Eat Breakfast - record
  • Read Bible / Do Study
  • Laundry to washer
  • Empty Dishwasher
  • Clean Up Breakfast Dishes
On days that I need to get to town, the next steps are to put Ellie in the car, round up my stuff, and get in the car and go. On days that I'm staying home, the next steps are to transfer clothes to the dryer and do 15 minutes in my zone.

There is more planning to be done, but we'll see how the morning routine goes first. That's enough planning for right now.

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