Monday, March 30, 2009

Zone 5 Mission #1

Couch diving!!!

Today's Fly Lady mission was to clean out from under the cushions of your couch. I did the ones in the living room, and hopefully this afternoon I can make my way down to the basement and clean those ones out, too. They are going to be worse. The basement is always worse.

I got up this morning at 6:45 and swept the kitchen and entryways, mopped the kitchen and entryways (remind me to post how much I LOVE my Norwex mop system!!) and vacuumed the upstairs. Right now I'm moving the bedstands in the bedroom and making sure all the junk is out from under the bed. I'm hoping to shampoo the carpets today. That would be great.

I want to get the upstairs all cleaned and beautiful, and then I will move to the basement and get that sorted out. All of the stuff we don't know what to do with just gets thrown into the basement, either in the craft/laundry room or the 2nd guest room. Neither of those are really clean or organized right now, and I'd really like them to be. The first order of business is the upstairs, though.

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