Tuesday, March 25, 2008

unexpected change of plans

Yesterday I got a call from Taylor asking if I could take her and the babies to the doctor since her mother was feeling a little dizzy and couldn't drive. So I dropped Ellie off to play with Corinne (Taylor's mom watched the girls) and I took Taylor to the doctor. I picked her up at 10:30, and, due to some snow, a mis-scheduled appointment, running behind schedule, and waiting on blood tests, we got back around 1:30. During that time, Leif called me to ask if I could come pick him up from work. He had a migraine and was feeling awful. He got a ride with someone else and was sound asleep at 2:00 when Ellie and I finally walked in the door. I put her down for a nap and worked on putting away clothes. Leif got up around 3:00 and wanted me to spend time with him, and so I did until Ellie woke up. Then around 5:00 we all went into town to get some groceries and ate dinner at Costco.

Needless to say, I didn't get everything accomplished yesterday that I wanted. But we cleaned up after putting the groceries away and I am happy to say that I didn't sweat the stuff that didn't get done, and I woke up to a clean house this morning.

Today I got up and showered, got dressed, and made the bed. Then I worked on putting away Ellie's laundry while she ate breakfast. I got most of it folded and ready to put away when Susan Beth showed up for Latin at 9. Ellie played in her room most of the morning. We played blocks together for a while and then I worked on organizing some of her toys (aka finding puzzle pieces at the bottom of the toy box). And now Ellie is playing nicely, clad only in her diaper, bringing me pretend cake that she made. I did get her dressed this morning, but after Susan Beth left she wanted nothing to do with her clothes and pulled and cried until they came off. And so she has been running around in her diaper all day so far. *sigh* But you know what? It's okay.

I had a healthy breakfast this morning (scrambled eggwhites and one yolk with ham) and I'm going to eat a healthy lunch. Ellie had a good breakfast of cottage cheese and a little orange and then ate a chicken nugget and a lot of peas for lunch. She has had one cup of milk and a cup and a half of juice/water, and I have started working on my water for the day. And Ellie has watched no TV. We have played together and she has played by herself and it has been a good morning.

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