Friday, July 3, 2009

Community Supported Agriculture

So... we've been wanting to join a CSA for a couple years now and this year we've found one that seems like it will work for us. The others we've looked at are either full, $600, or make you come and work at the farm as part of your subscription. This year we joined a new CSA here in Bozeman. It's $240 for a half-share, which is enough vegetables and herbs for 2 adults, delivered weekly for 17 weeks. Our first delivery was yesterday, so I figured I'd keep a record of what is delivered each week to evaluate whether we'll do this again in the future. So far I'm happy. The delivery comes in a bag, like this:

CSA week 1

The bag was pretty full, though it was hard to get a picture of the produce.

CSA week 1

In this delivery we received...

* over 1 lb. carrots (sweet, delicious carrots that put Costco's carrots to shame!)
* 2.5 oz. green onions
* 1 oz. Basil, both green and purple
* 7 oz. Mixed salad greens
* 6 oz. Red chard

So far all we've tried are the carrots, which we happily munch on. =D I'm planning on using the chard and onions in stir fry, the salad greens for a large dinner salad, and the basil in some pastas. Any good recipe ideas for these items?

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