Saturday, July 4, 2009

Planning Ellie's Birthday Party

I feel bad that I haven't gotten Ellie's birthday party invitations mailed and sent. Given that the party is Tuesday and it's Saturday today, I'm thinking they won't get made. Bummer! Guests have been invited, so that's not the issue, I just wanted to do it right! So, in an effort to do the rest of it right, I need to write out a plan for her party. =D

Oh wow! I just realized that we are going camping tomorrow and Monday, then her party is Tuesday. Ack! That means if I'm going to do some of these things, they must be done, um, NOW! Happy 4th of July!

Poo! We're out of eggs! That makes making cupcakes right now very difficult...

- Red Velvet Cupcakes in paper cupcake wrappers (which I already have).
- Hot Dogs and Buns (Count)
- Jello in silicone cupcake cups
- Baked Beans? (We have some in the cupboard)
- Lemonade? (or water)

- Favor Bags from Wenda
- Suckers
- Sugar Cookies

- Inflatable pool
- Hose down the slide
- Table for crafts
- Table for hot dogs/food
- Table for cupcakes
- Canopy for shade / table
- Kids eat lunch at the big table
- Sandbox
- Balloons

- Summer Wind Socks (Need: Streamers, construction paper, foam shapes?)

- New Color Wonder book? (She's more or less already gotten

- Sugar Cookies

- Frosting (2 cans) - yellow if possible
- Sprinkles for on top the cupcakes (Summer themed)
- Sugar Cookie Dough, premade
- Eggs
- Jello
- SAND for the sandbox!
- Color Wonder Book
- Ketchup
- Streamers
- Foam Shapes?
- Hot Dog Buns? (Count)

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