Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Evaluating the Evidence: Kitchen Back View

Ewww... this is the other hot spot in our kitchen. The shelf you can't see from the front door, so it's where I hide things. It's actually pretty good in this picture, which is NOT good! Here's what I see:

* Stale glass of tea - I reheated it a couple times, but never got around to drinking the rest of it, so it just sat because I thought I'd reheat and drink it.
* Rice on the far counter - It doesn't have a resealable bag and I didn't want it to dump over in the pantry, but there was too much to fit in a container, so I never did anything with it (despite the fact that Leif repeatedly asked me to.)
* Bento boxes - they don't easily fit in the drawer now because the drawer isn't organized, so they are just waiting to be put away.
* Pumpkin - I thought I would get around to processing it, and I haven't yet. I just need to do it.
* Flylady Control Journal - I tossed it out of the way when I was cleaning, but I don't look at it if it's over there and hidden. Out of sight, out of mind.
* Bananas - I stacked things too high and didn't have room to hang the bananas, so I just put them on top the pile.
* Butter wrapper on the floor - No idea.
* Lunch box - I've never found a good home for it.

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