Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Evaluating the Evidence: Kitchen Sink View

I'm continuing with the THOROUGH evaluation of my kitchen mess, and moving on to the sink view. Here's what I see:

* Banana peel on the counter - it never made it to the compost bin just outside our door.
* Open door under the sink and items scattered in front of it - Ellie was looking for a cup and dragged out a few other things when she couldn't find one.
* Ellie's dishes under the sink - some are organized so she can get to them, but others are not. I get lazy when putting away the dishes and sometimes just toss them under the sink instead of putting them in there neatly.
* Loose tea on the counter - I didn't put the bag away after I got myself a cup of tea.
* Clean dishes on the counter - Amber returned my dish and instead of putting it away I just moved it to the kitchen but didn't take the extra step to put it away.
* Bowls of flower seeds on the counter - I dried the flower seeds in the fall and they've been there ever since, waiting to be planted in the spring.
* Packets of curry on the counter - I got them out to remind me what I was making for dinner, and left them there until I was ready to cook.

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