Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Evaluating the Evidence: Kitchen Side View

Here's another view of the kitchen and what I notice that's different from the previous view...

* Trash can is overflowing - it fills up so quickly, and I don't take the time to empty it into the big can in the garage.
* Ellie's magnets are on the fridge AND the back door - she didn't put them away when she was done playing with them and I didn't ask her to.
* Various art work, schedules, and multiple meal planning / grocery lists are cluttering up the fridge - once things get put on the fridge, they don't quickly come down.
* Ellie's responsibility chart on the wall - it seems an eye sore to me, but we actually use it there.
* Bagels and oranges on top the fridge - it seems like an easy place to store them.
* Window to door is bright, but has no window dressing - I have a magnetic curtain rod, but never got around to making the curtain / valance, so I used the rod for the fridge, where I hang towels.
* Old towels hung on the front of the fridge - I don't notice them here, so I just grab new ones when I need a towel and I forget to toss these into the wash.
* Ellie has two stools in the kitchen - sometimes she and Josie use them together, and then I forget to put the dark stool back in our closet.

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