Saturday, September 24, 2011

The land of Printables

I have gone a little Printable crazy the last few days. Like, seriously printable crazy. I just sorted through my printables folder and categorized them into sub-folders in hopes of being able to navigate the murky waters of printability. Insane, I say. Now I have the delightful task of sorting through the folders and deciding which I *really* want to keep and use, and which I will probably never really use. Because, really, they are only as great as their usefulness goes.

So as I flip through the images, I thought perhaps I'd make some notes about what I might like to do with these marvelous little printables. Assuming, of course, that I get a working printer in the near future. =D

IOU Coupon - I have a few of these. I need to figure out which will be best for my Personal Organizer. Also, if I use these, do I keep the IOU or do I give it to the person to whom I owe something? And if I give it away, will I remember to write the IOU on something so that I actually remember to get it to them? Things to ponder.

Playdate Invites - These would be nice to have on hand for those spontaneous playdate plans. I'd add the playdate to my calendar and give the invite to the other party.

Cute Polka Dot Notes - Smaller than regular half-sheet notes, these would be good for a little message to someone.

Happy Birthday Cards - Would it be nice to have a couple of these printed on cardstock on hand just in case? Or is that going overboard? Should I look for generic cards instead?

Gift Certificates - These would be kind of fun to have to give to potential customers. I like the idea.

Whew... then I got sucked into the stuff that is going to be more difficult to wade through... and suddenly this blog post is over because my brain is full. I'll have to continue this later. Off to see if my brain can stop humming...

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