Friday, September 23, 2011

Thoughts on the Household Notebook

What do I do with this household notebook? It seems to be giving me the most trouble. I have a large 3 ring notebook that has...

  • Pencil Pouch
  • 5 Pocket Tabs
  • 6 Pocket Tabs (for Eliana)
  • A-Z Tabs
  • Jan - Dec Tabs with Page Protectors
I am thinking that I will need tabs for... 
  • Routines
    • Morning
    • Evening
    • Daily / Zones?
  • Menu Planning
  • Emergency
  • Babysitter / Eliana
  • Family Information
What is the purpose of this notebook? Is it something I want to use every day, reference occasionally, or use in emergencies? Will I be the only one using it, or will other people be using it too? Do I want extra reference information in it, or will I only be using it to make sure that my household runs smoothly? I guess these are questions I should answer if I want to make sure that my notebook ends up like I want it. 

I would like the notebook to be useful for me and for Leif and for babysitters. Leif is in charge of grocery shopping, so I want the menu planning section to be a place where he can get the grocery list, add to it, take it with him, etc. Babysitters need to know the basic information about Eliana, such as her milk allergy, what she is and isn't allowed to do, bedtime, etc. 

I want to have my morning, afternoon, and evening routines clearly laid out so I can follow them and check them off the list. I will have copies of these in my personal planner, but I think I will need to work out of both to keep myself on track. For now, I will forego the cleaning zones, because that is a habit I am not yet ready to build up to. If I add in too much at once, I am afraid I will burn out and not want to do any of it. 

I don't want to keep too much extra information in this notebook, lest it become a repository for random papers. If anything, extra information will go in the appropriate folder of the file system, so that I look at it when I need to and not when I get distracted by it. =D 

So... Here are my Household Notebook thoughts... 

  • Household
    • Morning Routine
    • Evening Routine
  • Meal Planning
    • Shopping List
    • Monthly / Weekly Menu Plan
    • Favorite Meals
    • Recipes to Try
  • Family Information / Reference
  • Emergency
  • Eliana / Babysitter Information
It's starting to come together. Now to keep it moving in that direction... 

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