Saturday, September 24, 2011

Thoughts on the File System

Well, since I've posted about my thoughts on the Personal Organizer and Household Notebook, I might as well share my thoughts on the File System.

I get excited about reorganizing in September. Perhaps it's the start of the school year, perhaps it's the month of my birthday, but it always feels like the perfect time for a fresh start. This year is no different, and is maybe even has more focus on the organizational front since Eliana started kindergarten and we are back into the swing of a school calendar.

My thought behind the File System is that if I want to keep up my Personal Organizer without buying pages and  new organizers every 90 days or so, I need to have things pre-printed and ready to go so that I don't let my every day fall apart. The same for my Household Notebook. I don't want to store a year's worth of papers in either system, so I need a place to keep all those pertinent papers until the time comes for me to use them.

Of course, I am still in the experimental stages of my Personal Organizer and Household Notebook, so the File System is also in flux until I get all that figured out. Here's what I do have so far, though...

The File System:

  • Loose Files
    • Extra Journal Pages for Personal Organizer (PO)
  • Monthly Hanging File Folders
    • Blank PO Notepad
    • 4-5 Weekly Folders (labeled Week 1-Week 5)
      • Week 1
        • PO - Monthly Divider
        • PO - 30 Day Focus Sheet
        • PO - Projects Sheet
        • PO - Monthly / Weekly Meal Planner
        • HN - Monthly / Weekly Meal Planner
      • Subsequent Weeks
        • Weekly Goal Planning Sheets
        • Weekly Meal Planners
        • Weekly Productivity Sheets
        • Weekly To Do Lists
        • Etc. (You get the idea... )
    • Holiday / Special Planning Folders
      • Anything for planning holiday events, birthday parties, etc. Filed under the appropriate month. 
  • Extra Hanging File Folders
    • Blank File Folders
    • Blank Holiday Folders
Obviously, there are a lot of unknowns with this system so far. I'm assuming that will become easier as I narrow it down to exactly which printables I want to use each week, etc. Since I am looking for an all-encompassing system, it will undoubtedly take some time to work out all the kinks and find a solution that simplifies our life and is maintainable long term. So far, though, I am liking the progress. I feel hope!! 

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