Friday, September 23, 2011

Personal Planner Progress

I am steadily making progress on my life reorganization project. My file bucket is coming along, my household notebook is coming along, and my personal planner is making significant progress. So far here's where I am...

Personal Planner:


  • Time Management
    • Weekly Plan Sheet
      • To Do List
      • Weekly Menu
      • Shopping List
  • Monthly 
    • 3 at a time, to make it a 90 day planner
    • Currently October, November, December
    • Birthday Calendar on each tab
      • 30 Day Focus Sheet
      • Projects Sheet
      • Monthly Menu Planner
      • Holiday / Seasonal Notes Sheets
  • Money Management
    • Debt Load Worksheet
    • Receipts Folder
  • God
    • Current Memory Passage
    • Bible Study / Journal Pages
  • Family
    • The Good Deed Card (also known as the I-Didn't-Get-Any-Checkmarks-In-Kindergarten-Today punchcard)
    • Eliana's schedule
    • Eliana's monthly chart
    • Important Phone Numbers
    • Notes for Teacher
  • Career
    • Current MK Promotion
    • Lead Card Sheets
    • To Do List
    • Daily Schedule Sheets
  • Personal
    • Health and Nutrition
      • Cute Exercise/Sleep/Water/Food Reminder Sheet
      • Weekly Fitness Sheet
    • Personal Development
      • Reading List
      • Book Review Sheets
      • Book Recommendation Sheets
      • Blank Pages
  • Notepad
I am currently keeping everything in a 3 ring binder, but I think that when I get it pretty well figured out I will probably move to a disk system like the M by Staples Arc system. I hear they are coming out with a slot punch in October, so that will make the transition over much more appealing. I'm hoping then my planner will also fit into my Padfolio cover for MK, which I really do like. 

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